DateLib (TM)

A Portable Library for International Date & Time Calculations

The DateLib (TM) is a highly portable library for all kinds of date and time calculations. It features a large range of dates (years 8 to 8000) which can be handled in a correct way spanning modern history. Daylight saving time - including the two change-over days - will be handled in the context of world wide time zones as well. Six (6) different calendar systems and twenty-eight (28) language expressions (for weekdays and names of months) are supported. Powerful auto-analyzing parsers for all kinds of Date and Time format-strings make the DateLib (TM) ideal for Internet-applications.

Having more than hundret (100) functions the DateLib (TM) allows the user to manage everything dealing with Date and Time manipulations. For highest portability the library has been written in a platform independend ANSI-C/C++ style that will also allow integration into other programming languages supporting a C/C++ interface.

The DateLib (TM) can be used within all kinds of applications dealing with Date and Time like:

  • Logistic software
  • Financial software
  • Statistical software
  • Project management software
  • Historical databases
  • All kinds of scheduling software
  • Internet applications
  • Year-2000-Problem

Last but not least the DateLib (TM) will be helpful regarding the Year 2000 Problem which will repeat itself in 2038, 2078, 2100, ... depending on the hardware/software platform and the solution that has possibly have chosen already. Using the DateLib (TM) will solve all kinds of calendrical calculation problems for almost eternity because no compromises have been made.